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511 Slim 5 Pocket Black
511 Slim 5 Pocket Black
511 Slim 5 Pocket Black
511 Slim 5 Pocket Black

Levi's Skateboarding

Levi's Skateboarding

511 Slim 5 Pocket Black


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Wilhelm S Last year I (187 cm) ran around in 32/32 jeans. As a father I have to eat up the food from the coolest dude on earth - my young son. So some of my jeans don´t fit me anymore. I bought me 4 new Levis 511 Skates 33/32. In 2 Orders. At the first order I was shocked that I couldn´t close this new 33/32 jeans. Hell, it felt terrible. I took my jogging sneakers back out of the closet. After 5 minutes of trying again to close the button of my new jeans I was successful. After some hours of wearing these jeans fit perfectly. After washing I had to only to fight again 30 seconds. Now there is no fighting at all anymore. That´s when I ordered again. As a former track and field athlete i have some leftover muscles on my thighs. I actually always had them what didn´t make it easy to find slim jeans that aren´t too tight up there. These jeans are perfect. I love the cut. There is still a little air between my tighs and the jeans. Feels good! My butt and my sneakers look happy. That´all I want.vor 1 Monat
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