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"Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve thought about fashion differently, and that was pointed out to me by everybody else. With MsftsRep what we’ve done is to take that weird fashion sense I’ve always had and packaged it in a way that if there’s other people out there that feel different, or feel weird, or that they don’t belong, we can put these clothes together in a way that makes them feel that they’re part of some type of community that’s organized and that has their back.” JADEN SMITH

The Nemen _ Fw_21 Collection Sees New Expressions And Approaches Within Its Central Garment-dyeing Ethos. Incorporating Centrally This Season The Technique Of Discharged-dyeing. A Process In Which A Garment Is Subjected To An Extraction Of Color, Post-dyeing, As Opposed To An Addition. Resulting In Visual Aesthetics That Seem Experimental Yet Recognizable, Creating A Sense Of Familiarity Whilst Still Venturing Into The Unknown. NMM_Fw 21 Also Continues The Concept Of Zero Waste Where Leftover Fabrics Are Used Their Entirety, Ni Expressions Style For Specific Purposes, Achieve New And Sustainability In The True Sense Of The Word. Without Waste.

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